Our company profile

Based on our more than 50 years of experience as a professional company in the lighting industry, we provide our customers with effective and innovative lighting solutions.
This includes the holistic use of advanced LED components in combination with intelligent electronics and the further development of traditional lighting technologies.
The AURORA value chain includes all procedural steps – from development, prototype construction and verification to the start of small and large-scale production of the lighting products.

Our corporate values


Quick decisions are an important factor in AURORA’s success. Based on their experience, our employees are willing to take risks and make independent decisions.


We value and encourage our employees. Mutual support and learning from mistakes are integral parts of how we see ourselves as a company. This guarantees the efficient and effective way we work at AURORA.


We take responsibility for people and nature. This means we always design our value chain to be sustainable, consistently resource-saving, focused and effective.

Sustainability and the environment

Clean – safe – sustainable – ethical business conduct – these topics are important to us.

AURORA Lichtwerke GmbH has committed itself to high environmental standards, social responsibility and health & safety in the workplace.

We are able to meet this responsibility through our progressive environmental management, our careful and efficient use of resources and the development of modern, environmentally friendly processes and products.
We work constantly to ensure that these topics are integrated into the entire value chain.

Environmental protection and sustainability are central aspects of our corporate philosophy.

The history of AURORA