AURORA Lichtwerke is ensuring protection against viruses and bacteria on the express bus between Eichstätt and Ingolstadt with a special LED light module

Aurora Lichtwerke, with its headquarters in Eichstätt, has developed an LED light module under their “AUROSUN powered by BIOVITAE” brand that is able to actively fight viruses and bacteria. In cooperation with local bus company Jägle GmbH, the first express bus from Eichstätt to Ingolstadt has now been equipped with a total of 26 AUROSUN bus modules as part of a pilot project.

Aurora Lichtwerke and bus company Jägle GmbH jointly announce the launch of a pilot project with LED technology to actively combat viruses and bacteria via the ceiling lighting of the express bus from Eichstätt to Ingolstadt. The “AUROSUN Bus 90” LED light modules used in the bus are attached to both sides of the ceiling along almost the entire length of the passenger compartment, offering effective protection for passengers and making travelling much safer – especially in the coronavirus-impacted autumn and impending cold and flu season.

Maximum effectiveness & safety

What makes this disinfection technology so special is that it can be used continually and without risk for people in the room and is therefore significantly different from conventional UV-C disinfection technology, which is harmful to people who are directly exposed to it. The AUROSUN powered by BIOVITAE bus modules use the blue-violet spectrum of visible light, reducing viruses and bacteria whenever the light is switched on. The LED bus modules from AUROSUN correspond to the IEC standard 62471 for photobiological safety, i.e. there is no health risk for humans or animals. A number of independent scientific institutions have also confirmed the bulbs’ effectiveness against germs.

The AUROSUN bus module developed by the specialists at Aurora Lichtwerke uses BIOVITAE technology, which emits specific blue-violet wavelengths on the visible light spectrum. These are proven to have an antibacterial and antiviral effect. The new LED light module has been specially conceived for modes of transport such as buses.

Handing over the express bus with protective LED lighting. From left to right: Dominik Zehetbauer, Managing Director of Jägle GmbH; Tuccio Loria, AURORA Lichtwerke Business Development; Georg Jägle, Managing Director of Jägle GmbH; Thomas Walentowski of AURORA Lichtwerke

Special protection on the bus

Handing over the express bus with protective LED lighting. From left to right: Dominik Zehetbauer, Managing Director of Jägle GmbH; Tuccio Loria, AURORA Lichtwerke Business Development; Georg Jägle, Managing Director of Jägle GmbH; Thomas Walentowski of AURORA Lichtwerke The pilot project that has been launched with the Eichstätt-based bus company Jägle fits in perfectly with the times we’re living in. With the uncertainty of a coronavirus-impacted autumn and in search of the best possible protection, using this technology on the express bus represents an additional and reliable protective measure.

The AUROSUN bus modules are now being installed into a first coach in the presence of the project partners. The express bus was equipped with bus modules in two parallel strips that stretch the length of the passenger compartment. The 90 cm-long modules were plugged together with special connectors, with the entire upgrade taking just a few hours to install.

Owner and managing director Georg Jägle was there on behalf of Jägle GmbH. “The coronavirus pandemic has presented us with great challenges,” explains the passionate bus operator. “Our top priority is a well thought-out hygiene concept that is simple and ensures the safety of our passengers. With this pilot project, which enables effective and active virus control via the lighting on our buses, we have found an excellent opportunity to complement our overall passenger protection concept. The fact that we can rely on technology from local company Aurora Lichtwerke makes it all the better. I am excited to see the results of our joint pilot project, but I am already sure that if we are successful, we will very quickly equip our other buses with the technology.”

“Working in close cooperation with Jägle GmbH, we are pleased to be able to contribute to safety on passenger transport, significantly reducing the risk of infection on buses,” explains Thomas Walentowski, Head of the Light & Disinfection division at Aurora Lichtwerke during the project’s handover. “We know that our light provides reliable protection. But now we need to see how our AUROSUN bus module will actually prove itself in everyday use. We will incorporate the findings from this directly into further development.”

As part of the pilot project, Jägle GmbH has updated the lighting on the express bus between Eichstätt and Ingolstadt using bus modules from AUROSUN powered by BIOVITAE. A total of 26 LED modules, each 90 cm long, are used, which will provide long-term protection when the lights are switched on, significantly reducing the risk to passengers of infection with coronavirus and other viruses and bacteria. It is obvious why the lights have been fitted into this first express bus between Eichstätt and Ingolstadt: Aurora Lichtwerke has its headquarters in this Bavarian town near Ingolstadt.

About Aurora Lichtwerke

Aurora Lichtwerke was originally founded as an Osram plant in 1962 and has been part of Callista Private Equity since 2020. With more than 50 years of experience in the lighting industry, Aurora Lichtwerke has a broad technical base and extensive knowledge in the lighting industry, focusing intensively on automation in production, research and development and small to large-scale LED product manufacturing.
The P&P – Patents and Technologies Group is an IP company that develops innovative solutions for infection prevention and control (IPC). Nextsense is an “extra muros” research company of the group that focuses on translational research to narrow the gap between the results of basic research and applied research in everyday life. Nextsense is also the holder of the BIOVITAE patent.

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