Experience and innovation

AURORA has many years of experience in developing and manufacturing lighting technology products. That is why we can offer our customers the complete development of innovative lighting technology products combined with intelligent electronics – from initial vision to production readiness.


Light physics & analytics

Our well-equipped development laboratory enables us to carry out photometric measurements and surface and material analysis. With the help of our high-resolution scanning electron microscope (SEM), we can analyse surface structures down to the nanometre range. Investigations into the chemical composition of materials are carried out using “energy dispersive X-ray analysis” (EDX) in combination with REM. This also provides information about the distribution of elements on surfaces.

Prototype construction

Our experienced technicians build prototypes of product ideas for feasibility studies, product optimisations and customer presentations. The focus here is on the close cooperation between the customer and our development and engineering teams. Based on these prototypes and the tests carried out with them, decisions can be made on a technical basis about the product and design.

Bulb design engineering

Using modern 3D CAD technology and image processing programs, our designers engineer and design lighting products and solutions. The interaction of light physics, electronic components, thermal influences and material and manufacturing properties are just some of the challenges facing our engineers.

Electronics development

Our electrical engineers develop electronic assemblies for lighting applications. Thanks to the high-quality measuring equipment in our laboratory, the measurements required to develop electronic assemblies can be carried out in-house. An example of this is our EMC chamber, with which measurements can be carried out in accordance with the following DIN standards:

  • EN55015 Conductive EMI (9kHz-30MHz), Radiated EMI (30MHz-300MHz)
  • EN61000 Electromagnetic compatibility
  • EN61457 EMC immunity requirements
  • EN61457 EMC immunity requirements

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