Experience and innovation.

We use our many years of engineering experience for the lighting industry to optimise, automate and construct production systems for our innovative solutions.

Mechanical engineering

A high degree of automation in AURORA’s production processes is important when it comes to surviving the competition in the lighting business. Our design engineers take this into account during the machine development and construction process. Existing systems are optimised in close cooperation with the production departments.

Machine control and process regulation

Our specialists in this field are responsible for activities including software project planning and development, programming of robot and machine controls, standard-compliant electrical construction and the integration of sensors and optical measurement technology for highly automated production systems.

Procedural and process technologies

It’s very important to develop new procedural and process technologies and optimise existing ones in the rapidly changing lighting industry. AURORA relies on its highly qualified and innovative employees for this. An example is the development of a fully automated bonding process for LED bulb production.

Application of methods

The continuous improvement process at AURORA is driven by the use of LEAN and Six Sigma tools. Under the guidance of specially qualified employees, we analyse errors using methodical procedures, highlight waste potential and optimise processes and value streams.

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