Aurora Lichtwerke and the Dutch lighting innovation company 
Seaborough are developing an LED tube that is able to actively combat coronaviruses with the unique BIOVITAE technology – without the use of UV-C disinfection technology, which is often harmful in the event of direct exposure. The light innovation is expected to be available from September 2021.

Eichstätt/Amsterdam/Munich, 28 April 2021 – Aurora Lichtwerke and the Dutch lighting innovation company Seaborough announced today that they are jointly developing an innovative LED tube, which, thanks to its unique BIOVITAE technology, is able to actively combat the SARS-CoV-2 virus, while providing pleasant and, above all, harmless lighting.

The AUROSUN LED tube developed by the specialists at Aurora Lichtwerke

The AUROSUN LED tubes developed by the specialists at Aurora Lichtwerke use patented BIOVITAE technology, which has a proven antiviral, antibacterial and disinfecting effect through the emission of specific wavelengths in the visible light spectrum. It fits perfectly into conventional linear and grid lights, which makes it quick and easy to use, for example, in offices, hospitals, medical practices and shops.

High degree of safety even with continual lighting

What makes this disinfection technology so special is that it can be used continually and without risk for people in the room and is therefore significantly different from conventional
UV-C disinfection technology, which is harmful to people who are directly exposed to it. The AUROSUN LED tube with integrated BIOVITAE technology is extremely efficient, as the disinfecting effect happens in those places where it matters the most, namely in the presence of people, where the risk of infection is greatest. The BIOVITAE technology itself is an invention by Italian company NextSense (a company of the P&P Group), an industrial and commercial partner of Aurora Lichtwerke. The products are continuously optimised in order to guarantee the highest possible efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The unique BIOVITAE technology

The patented BIOVITAE technology with the dual lighting and disinfection function uses the blue spectrum of visible light and reduces germs (bacteria, viruses and spores) whenever the light is switched on – and is completely safe for any people and animals in the rooms. The fact that the BIOVITAE bulbs meet the highest photobiological safety level according to IEC 62471 has also been certified by TÜV, and the effectiveness against germs has been confirmed by several independent scientific institutions, including the Bundeswehr Institute of Microbiology in Munich.

Universally applicable

The problem with many of the LED retrofit solutions currently available on the market is that they are electrically incompatible with existing lights. The developers of the AUROSUN LED tube recognised this issue early on and solved it using Seaborough’s patented oneTLed technology, which means that the light source fits into any existing fixture.

The AUROSUN LED tube – compatible with all lights, thanks to the patented oneTLed technology

LED tubes are increasingly replacing classic fluorescent tubes, which contain toxic mercury and consume significantly more energy than LED tubes. This trend will intensify from 2023 when the production and sale of classic fluorescent bulbs is banned in the EU. That is why Aurora Lichtwerke and Seaborough are positioning themselves now to make a positive contribution to the accelerated changeover to LED technology with its added germ-reducing function.

Pieter Six, CEO of Seaborough, explains the concept, “By combining two powerful technologies into one solution, we are contributing to the battle against the SARS-CoV-2 virus and helping to make traditional fluorescent bulbs, which contain harmful substances, redundant. With our oneTLed technology, we can ensure that this invention fits into practically all existing light fittings, which will facilitate its rapid acceptance.”

“We have found the right partner in Seaborough to make LED tubes to replace fluorescent bulbs compatible with all light fittings,” explains Dr. Roland Michal, managing director of Aurora Lichtwerke. “By using BIOVITAE technology in the AUROSUN LED tubes, existing lights can be upgraded to become disinfection systems while lighting up a room. And the whole thing is completely safe for humans and animals.”

Martijn van Rheenen, founder of Seaborough and CEO of shareholder Momentum Capital, stresses the urgency, “Together we are able to offer a lighting solution that overcomes numerous challenges all at once. In addition to actively fighting the SARS-CoV-2 virus anywhere the AUROSUN LED tube is in use, it also contributes to the aim of limiting climate change and avoiding the use of toxic chemical elements such as mercury.”

“We are honoured to be working with Aurora and Seaborough,” said Mauro Pantaleo, CEO of the P&P Patents and Technology Group. “This partnership is an ideal addition to BIOVITAE, as it links our microbicidal technology with oneTLed and combines our two technologies into one of the most important innovations on the lighting market. Together we will develop and quickly scale up products that are able to improve hygiene in rooms and increase work safety through the use of BIOVITAE technology.”


In view of the highly advanced development, Aurora Lichtwerke and Seaborough are planning to launch their new AUROSUN LED tube in September 2021. It is simple and straightforward to use in conventional linear and grid lights, making it perfect for offices, hospitals, medical practices and shops, for example.


Seaborough is an LED technology company that develops, commercialises and licenses innovative lighting solutions. We aim to have a positive impact on the world using these innovations. Many of our projects are truly ground-breaking. OneTLed is one of Seaborough’s inventions. It is an LED retrofit solution that replaces classic tubes containing mercury. oneTLed technology has the advantage that LED tubes are 100 percent compatible, so they always fit in every light. LED cuts energy costs by 50-70 percent: good for the environment and for cost reduction all in one go. Seaborough is a subsidiary of the entrepreneurial investor Momentum Capital.


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NEXTSENSE (a company of the P&P Patents and Technologies Group), holder of the BIOVITAE® patent, is an “extra muros” research company working in the field of translational research with the aim of bridging the gap between the results of pure research and the application of the best scientific experiences in everyday life. P&P Patents and Technologies is a group of companies that develops patents in the field of infection control and prevention (IPC). For more information, please visit


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